Consulting Services

Using the Investor Services Planning Package as a launching pad for your project will decrease overall costs, increase efficiency and ensure focus and order during the construction process. Having the project planned in its entirety, up front, streamlines project workflow and saves you time and money. 

Our planning services are ideal for both the new investor who is looking to gain knowledge and the tools to succeed or for the experienced investor who understands the value of a comprehensive work plan developed by our specialists.

What we Provide:

  • A detailed schedule outlining daily activities that is the master guide for the project.
  • A detailed scope of the work to be performed adds focus and clarity to ensure every project progresses efficiently.
  • A detailed budget describes the overall cost of a project as well as itemizes the costs that you should expect to pay for each separate aspects of the project. The costs outlined are your guide to ensure you stay on budget and do not overpay.
  • A detailed material list ensures that you are using materials that add value to your bottom line while providing the aesthetics necessary to bring top dollar in today’s marketplace.

Unlike contractors and real estate agents whose ‘consulting’ is a sales tool to get you to buy additional services our aim is focused on saving you money and maximizing your return. Let this singular purpose and our industry leading experience go to work for you.